Astanga Vinyasa Yoga

Astanga, or sometimes spelled ashtanga Yoga is really taught today by a guy called Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, in Mysore, India. He has brought astanga yoga to the west about 25 years back and still teaches today at 91 years. […]

Preparing For Old Age.

Socrates was first once asked by a good pupil, this question: “What kind of people shall we be whenever we reach Elysium?” And the answer was this kind of: “We shall be the same kind of people that we were […]

Creative Notions

People seem to have the misconception that only a good select few are able to unleash a reliable flow of creative genius. That is not true at all. The fact is, imagination is very much indeed like a muscle tissue […]

Patanjalis Yoga Sutras

Patanjalis Yoga Sutras is a good text that covers various aspects of life, you start with a code of carry out and ending with the purpose of yoga, a perspective of ones true Self. The PantajalisYoga Sutras is just about […]


Infertility is defined as the shortcoming to conceive after one year of trying, or the inability to carry pregnancies to a good live birth. It influences one out of six couples of childbearing years in the United States today – […]

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